Premium Rated Numbers France
Premium Rated Numbers France

Premium Rated Numbers France

We are a french telecom carrier registered with the ARCEP and as such we can provide international businesses with Premium Rated Numbers in France.

We do speak english, for any inquiry you can contact us on the phone at +33 9 74 59 35 19 or send us a message.

The Premium Numbers in France

Premium Raters Numbers in France begin with 08 and can only be dialed from inside the country. Each call received on a premium number will generate a pay-out.

Rates & pay-outs

When creating your premium number with us you get to choose the rate that will apply to the caller. You can either choose:
  • a payment per call, up to 3.00€/call
  • a payment per minute, up to 0.80€/min
Your pay-out is calculated depending on the rate you select for your premium number. To see our pay-outs click here.

Each time you receive a call, your available balance will increase. The payment of your pay-outs will then be executed by bank wire at your demand; you must issue an invoice of each payment request.

How it works

Once your account is setup and your premium number is assigned, you will be able to configure a transfer number on which the incoming calls on the premium number will be redirected. In addition you can upload audio files that will be played to the caller. We can create all sorts of call flow.

Who can sign up?

You must be a registered company within the EU in order to create a Premium Rated Number with us. Accounts are verified.

How to setup an account with us?

You can fill out the sign-up form (in french) or you can contact us at +33 9 74 59 35 19 for setting up your account together. We speak english.